New to HD

You may be visiting this website because you have just learned that you, a family member, a loved one or a colleague is at risk or has been diagnosed with Huntington's disease. Rest assured that there are organizations and a worldwide community to help you face the challenges as a person with HD, a caregiver, or a concerned friend.

We suggest you visit the following pages:

What is HD? This will explain the disease, its cause, its progression and current treatment options  click here.

Where can I get help? There are many organizations throughout the world dedicated to the support of people with HD. Find one in your location.

How do I tell my children? There is an organization dedicated to helping young people and their parents to learn and live with HD .  Visit the Huntington Disease Youth Organization (HDYO) or send an email.

Where can I find the latest developments in HD? Visit the news section of this website.